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SuperWeeder Attacks!

The SuperWeeder is a new fighter in the battle to remove weeds from your garden. It simply kills weeds simply. For the gardener, it replaces the hoe. The hoe is useful tool, but after weeds reach a certain size, it's hard to use. It causes blisters, tired arms and an aching back. Blisters can burst and become infected with soil pathogens.The hoe may not kill you, but it will make you stop working in your garden.
But not with the SuperWeeder. It kills all types of weeds, even those with big roots and the smaller grass weeds. You can kill them close to your plants and vegetables.
What kills weeds best is to cut them off just below the surface. The SuperWeeder separates the green part from the root. This is the way to kill weeds without poisons that could get into your food chain.
Learning how to kill weeds could take years, because it is usually through trial and error. After awhile and many tools that don't work, we feel like we just ought to poison everything. But you won't feel that way with SuperWeeder.

How to kill weeds best

When the earth is dry and hard is when to kill the weeds. With the tops gone, the roots shrivel and die. The other time to kill the weeds is When the earth is soft and damp, cutting off the weeds' tops deprives the weeds of their source of chlorophyll and makes them shrivel and die. This is exactly when we are advised to apply poisons. But the SuperWeeder lets you avoid poisons completely
Destroying weeds is what the SuperWeeder does best. Its blade slides under the mass of the weed and cuts the root. When the top is separated from the root, the weed dies. Very simple. It's permanently dead.
It does the job on weeds that can take over a garden and grow to amazing heights, such as Lambsquarter, Pigweed, Velvet Leaf and Giant Foxtail. Pigweed can grow to 10 feet and drop 3500 seeds that stay viable in your garden for 45 years. Same with Lambsquarter except it reaches twelve feet.
What about my flowers and vegetables?

The SuperWeeder can work within half an inch of your valuable plants and destroy the weeds that threaten them. You can leave the weeds where they fall; they will rot and make mulch for your plants. Tall weeds compete with your flowers and vegetables for water, sunlight and nutrients. They block oxygen from the good plants. This makes your flowers and vegetables spindly and weak. Large weeds are hard to pull by hand when the root is well‑established and the soil is hard. Because they are amidst and among the flowers and vegetables they are hard to get to and are almost impossible with the hoe. If they are among strawberries, lettuce, potatoes and tomatoes they cannot be sprayed without destroying the plants and their flowers or fruits. But the SuperWeeder can reach out and slaughter them.
For Bermuda Grass or bindweed, which have wide‑spreading roots you'll have to cut the tops more than once. Do it early, before you plant and often after that. They don't seem as big a problem because they do not grow to a great height, but they can take over your garden just the same.

Can SuperWeeder improve my quality of Life?

Of course, that's why we invented it. Working on your hands and knees promotes your kinship with the earth and sky and a new perspective on life and yourself. That's good for you; they even say so in church. Some people claim that if you want to marry the girl of your dreams, it wouldn't hurt you to be on your knees when you ask The Question. Humility works in your garden too.
SuperWeeder Results A SuperWeeder Garden

Here's what makes the SuperWeeder work so well for you:

  • Three cutting edges
    Cuts weeds forward and sideways.
  • Kills weeds fast
    Cuts them off just below the soil surface
  • Cuts weeding time by 90%
    Try it and see for yourself
  • Hardened, High-tensile steel
    Long-lasting, hard and strong
  • Self-harpening
    Pushing it through soil hones it and keeps it sharp
  • Slightly curved blade
    Turn it over to cut shallow or deep roots
  • Ergonomic handle
    Sculpted to give it "Pushability" and "Twistability"
  • Cuts Weeds as you push or twist
    Handle is held easily by any hands
  • Easy to use
    By everyone.
  • Tough and durable
    Made to last
  • Bright-colored Handle
    Hard to lose; easy to find
  • Use everywhere
    Cuts close to flowers, bushes, and vegetables
  • Like a stiletto
    Slips in to kill weeds that can't be chopped with a hoe
  • Light and Strong
    Handle is made with glass fiber-filled Polypropylene
  • Safe to handle
    Back of blade is surrounded by handle
  • Kills big weeds
    Most other tools cannot compare
  • Less Stress on your back
    Not like using a hoe!
  • Kills weeds without chemicals
    Won't kill earthworms or pill bugs, your best garden workers.
  • Pays for itself
    Spray it with oil sometimes and it will serve you for many years

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